Saturday, April 23, 2016

38 Weeks

I had my 38 week doctor appointment yesterday.  Alexis is doing well, measuring in right at 38 weeks.  We brought Abby with us to the appointment, as hubby was off from work for the day and was taking care of her, so she got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.  She thought the whooshing heartbeat sound was just water moving around in my belly.

I was checked to see if I am making any progress and was told I have not begun to dilate yet.  This was good news to hubby's ears, as he has a lot on his plate at work over the next week through Monday the 2nd, so he is really hoping the baby doesn't decide to make an early appearance.  No pressure on me!

I saw the nurse practitioner on my care team, as my usual doctor did not have any availability on her calendar when it came time to schedule my 38 week appointment (thankfully I'm seeing the doctor again next week for my 39 week appointment).  The NP asked me if the doctor and I had decided on a birth plan as far as VBAC vs repeat C-Section goes, and was a little confused by the plan that the doctor and I had agreed on.  Typically they schedule planned C-Sections for 39 weeks and thought it was unusual that I want to wait until 40 weeks for a repeat C-Section.  Since it wasn't usual, she didn't feel comfortable scheduling it herself and sent my request to have it scheduled for my due date up to Labor & Delivery so they could call me to discuss and schedule it.

I received a call late yesterday from Labor & Delivery to get it scheduled.  Unfortunately, the schedule is already booked up for my May 6th due date for scheduled C-Sections.  The closest date they had open around my due date is two days prior on May 4th.  While it isn't necessarily ideal as it means my mother-in-law needs to adjust her flight out here to help us with taking care of Abby, it isn't horrible.  This will only adjust my return to work date by two days as well, with my last day home on leave falling on Abby's birthday, which is a day I really wanted to be home for in order to make it an extra special day for Abby.

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