Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening

A nice thing about my job is they let us flex our schedules during the week. There are guidelines in place to make sure we don't take off too early on any given day without arranging for the time in advance, but we are able to come and go as we would like within certain windows in order to take care of things we need to outside of work that a standard 8-5 workday may not allow.

Earlier in the week, I worked an extra 1.5 hours between Monday & Thursday. So on Friday, I was able to leave work that much earlier. I used that time to head home and get in a nice relaxing shower before picking up the baby from daycare. 

Sure, I could have gone shopping or even used the time to see movie with my husband or something fun, but I decided this would be a better use of my time. I was then able to just relax after getting Abby down for the night and not worry about squeezing a shower in before bed.


On Saturday, I finally cashed in on a present my husband got me for Christmas and had a relaxing morning at the spa.

I'm pretty bad about taking time for myself. I always have been. It's just become even worse since I became a mom. For example, in January, I got my hair cut for the first time in 9 months (and I could have used it a long time before then). And while I mentioned to my husband that one thing I would love for Christmas was a massage, he knew that I wouldn't actually get one unless he paid for it in advance.

So on Saturday, I got a few blissful hours to myself while I relaxed in an aromatherapy whirlpool, received a 60-minute massage, and got a foot therapy scrub and a facial. It was very much needed, though I will be honest about the fact that I found it difficult to turn my brain off and stop worrying/thinking about things and fully enjoy the moment. 


It was another run-of-the-mill kind of Sunday for the most part.

After church, we stopped by Home Depot, as my husband has decided he wants to take the time to spruce up our yard a bit. We are renting our house, however the homeowner doesn't seem to take much pride in the condition of his grass or the overall landscaping (even though we were told he had a landscaping company that would come treat the yard when we signed the lease). The only effort he puts into it is he sends out a guy to cut the grass every few weeks or so.  So my husband has decided to take on the task of fertilizing the grass to help bring it back to life, remove any weeds, and plant new shrubs in the front yard.

This Sunday was our first trip to the store to pick up the lawn food, weed killer, and other essentials to prep the yard. Then next weekend we'll make our way back to select the shrubbery and/or flowers we want to decorate with. 

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