Saturday, March 1, 2014

Abby - 8 Months Old

My baby girl turned 8 months old last week. Boy, time sure is flying by!

This month, Abby started cruising and loves her new found ability to walk around while holding onto things. She has even taken to the point where she will actively push her play table while standing, moving it across the room. She then gets upset when she pushes it into something and cannot move it any farther.

She also cut two more teeth, bringing the total up to four. Now that her pearly whites are poking through, we started brushing her teeth and gums. The very first time we did it, she did not care for it one bit. Thankfully she actually began to enjoy it and loves it when I do it (probably because it helps to soothe those poor gums).

Watching her, it appears she is becoming stronger and stronger each day. Looking at her, you wouldn't be able to necessarily tell that she is closing in on 20 pounds, and I honestly believe it is because she has so much muscle. She lifts and pushes around toys that I wouldn't expect her to be able to move so easily at this age. She has also taken to doing little baby pull-ups and loves to grab onto the top edge of her pack 'n play and work on pulling herself up.  Needless to say, we were sure to lower her crib down to the lowest possible setting this past month :)

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