Sunday, June 5, 2016

Newborn Photos

A couple days ago, we finally took care of getting newborn pictures of Alexis, just a day before she turned a month old.  Shortly after she was born, we began talking about getting newborn pictures taken, however we didn't really put in the time to find a photographer in the area.  Once we found one we liked, we realized we couldn't justify spending the amount of money she charges for photos, as it would have cost us around $700 in total.

My husband is an amateur photographer with a decent camera and photo equipment, so we decided to just do the pictures ourselves at home again like we did with Abby.  We searched Amazon for some newborn photo props, and once they all arrived we set up a makeshift studio in our kitchen for the shoot (it has some of the best natural light in the house).

For the first set of photos, Alexis decided she wanted to stay awake, but shortly after we moved to the second set up, she gave in to the super warm 80 degree temperature we heated the house to and passed out with a fully belly for the remainder of the shoot.  Even through outfit and backdrop changes, she remained cooperative for the pictures.  We actually had a more difficult time with Abby when trying to get sister shots than we had with Alexis over the entire shoot.

Overall I am very happy with how the pictures turned out and believe we got some really cute ones.

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