Sunday, August 30, 2015

To Blog or Not To Blog

Ever since I created this new blog space, I have gone back and forth between whether or not I really want to get into blogging again.  When doing it previously, I did really enjoy it and found that it was a good outlet for me to talk about what I was feeling.  Definitely therapeutic for me.  Then I got pregnant, we moved to Texas, and I began a new job shortly after.  Exhaustion trumped blogging, so I sort of just let my old blog fall to the wayside.

Last year, I began to get the itch and desire to start blogging, so I created this new place for a fresh start.  A way to re-brand myself, if you will.  Sometimes I really want to get back into it, but then at other times I'm either too exhausted (such as when I am single-parenting when my husband is sent off for training, TDY, or deployed) or I feel guilty, as though I should be spending my free-time focusing on something else around the house.

Over the last several weeks (okay, maybe more like last couple months), a growing desire has been brewing inside of me to take more time for myself and try to begin doing things just for me.

One of them is a desire to get back into a good workout routine, especially to take spin classes again.  It's been a good 3-4 years since I sat on a spin bike, and I would love to begin taking classes. While I enjoy doing things with my husband, working out directly alongside him actually stresses me out a little.  Last week, I arranged for my husband to pick up Abby from daycare for me so I could go to the gym after work.  As it was my first trip to the gym in about two years, and only my second in the past three years, I didn't want to push myself too much.  My workout consisted of hopping on an elliptical for 2.44 miles.  It wasn't the grandest workout, but it worked for me.

Another item I have wanted to do for me for a while now is to go back to school and work on getting a masters degree.  I took the steps this past spring and applied, and tomorrow I will officially begin work towards an MBA.

While I have to learn how to balance getting back into a workout routine with starting graduate school, not to mention my full time job, there is one more item I would like to add to the list.  And that is to actually make a conscious effort to blog.  Even if I can simply start off by getting back to just publishing one post a week, it'll be a good start.

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