Friday, April 11, 2014

The Big ONE: Planning

Now that we're in April, it has hit me that my daughter's first birthday is rapidly approaching. Yes, it's still a little over two months away, but when all of your family lives out of town and has to make travel arrangements to attend, you have to begin planning a little more in advance.

Invites have been sent out. Materials to make my baby girl's party outfit have been purchased. Party supplies and decor are being finalized and I will begin buying items soon as I find deals and coupons. Cake/cupcake designs and recipes are being put together. And I already have the day before her party off from work so I can spend the day baking and decorating.

I have decided to make the desserts for the party. I love baking, but ever since I first became pregnant, that love and desire has been pushed aside between lack of energy and lack of time to play in the kitchen. I am really looking forward to having fun with it!

My plan is to bake a two-layer 6" round smash cash for Abby, and then cupcakes for the rest of us to indulge in, all decorated similarly to incorporate the theme of the party. I just need to finalize the design of the smash cake (cupcakes are all set) and determine what recipes/flavors I want to use!

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