Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday Evening

My husband got off from work really early on Friday, so I was expecting we'd have a nice little evening together before Abby went to bed, especially since he had begun feeling better. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I got home to find my husband out of it and passed out on the couch, exhausted from pushing himself too hard during the morning's PT (even though he's on a no-PT profile for a week while recovering from pneumonia -- he pushed himself, it was in no way mandated by his Sergeants). So I was left to take care of the baby, the dogs, and the kitchen on my own while also checking on my ill husband to make sure he was still breathing.

Funny to think about what my Friday nights used to be like just a few years ago. Oh how things have changed.


As usual with most Saturdays, we ran several errands that needed to get done, such our bi-monthly trip to Sam's, a trip to the barber for my husband's haircut, and grocery shopping at the commissary.
Abby & her dog both have a love for the tennis ball

As I have been going a little stir-crazy and feel like I'm being stretched too thin, I also wanted to enjoy some leisure time as well, so we opted to stop by the mall. After browsing around a bit and picking up a couple shirts for the baby (not that she necessarily needed them -- the girl has a better wardrobe than I!), we stopped at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Even though I keep telling myself I need to eat healthier to aid in losing these last 10 lbs of baby weight, I couldn't help but give in to my weaknesses of chicken carbonara and a slice of red velvet cheesecake! It was absolutely delicious!


We were able to make it back to church this week after spending last Sunday morning in the urgent care clinic at the hospital for my very sick husband. We first found a church here in San Antonio this past fall and instantly decided it would be our church after attending our first service in October. While there are some differences, it reminds us of our old church from GA that we loved so much. 

The day wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped, as Abby more or less refused to nap other than for about 30 minutes. Our girl is VERY active and loves to explore & get into EVERYTHING, so it is a little difficult keeping tabs on her while also taking care of things around the house.

Thankfully she sleeps really well at night and is usually good about going down for the night early enough after our bedtime routine, but I'm usually left with so little energy/willpower by that point that I want to do nothing more than relax on the couch with my husband with a glass of wine in hand.

Good thing she's such a cutie!

How was your weekend? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?

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